Peaceful and comfortable, experience of returning home
Charming City Club-Minsheng Club is located in peaceful community in the lane of East Minsheng Rd.It takes only 10 minutes to the Taipei Song Mountain airport.Nearby is the subway Mushan Route Zhongshan School Station.High resident quality and convenience of traffic pull many foreigner guests and the business men who go to the North to enter the hotel.
Kindness and careful service attitude
Although there is strict management,you can also meet the visitors at the social hall.If you don't want to go out on holidays,you can spend your leisure time at the social hall.It's easy to do shopping and having meals since all the stores and restaruants are just nearby.The waiters in the hotel provide the high-level service and as kind as famliy member.So the guests would love to stay longer and feel like being at home.
Knight Sauna Room B03
  The European style decoration brews and pervades exalted atmosphere which can only feel at the Palace in the Europe.The guests will feel like being treated as kings and nobles.The room is equipped with air-condition,advanced fire protection system, card lock system,separated bath room and French bath facility,sauna,feather quilt and pillow.Every details show our regards to your sleeping quality.There are also 24 hours free broad band internet access ,IDD,refrigeratory,ice cask,hot water pot,hair drier,CATV and music channel in the room.
Exquisite Room 102
  The business room is well decorated.Warm and cozy feather quilt and pillow bring you a good sleep.Peaceful and convenient space is the best choise for business trip.
Exquisite Room 506
  The room with cozy display provides you a perfect space to relax.The excellent location is proper for the guests who are having the business trip in Taipei.Fireproofing material is used in the room.With the exhaust fan,the room offers the cleanest accommodation quality to the guests.
Jade Massage Bathtub Room 308
  The room is equipped with the luxury massage bathtub which makes you enjoy the bath and get renewed. Lying on the warm bed after the bath, you will get relax . Every single cell will be alive again.
Hotel Lobby: on the first floor,provides accommodation,reservation,tour and business information,package tour,car rent service,airport transfer.
Meeting Rooms:on the B1 floor,a 15 people meeting room.
Business Center: on the B1 floor,24 hours free internet accessservice.
Restaurant and Cafe: on the B1 floor,provides eastern and western buffet breakfast and 24 hours free coffe and hot tea for the guests.
Room facility: IDD、free table-water,coffee,tea,VCD for personal use,sauna,broad band internet access,several channel programs.
Indoor Park Place:the entrance is located in the adjoining lane of the hotel.
Laundry:on the B1 floor,provides self-help launder,drying machine,coin laundry 80 yuan, drying cloth 80 yuan.
  Subway: Muzha Route Zhong shan Junior High School Stop
  Bus:204 / 212 / 232 / 262 / 299 / 41 / 521 / 605 / 667 / 74 / 903 / 910 /
  Exlite Book Store (Minsheng store) Exlite Book Store is established on the March 12th 1989 with the spirit of humanity,art,originality and life.Besides the service and quality,collection books of all fields in chinese and foreign language,the store in different district serves different kinds of readers and organizes diversified exhibition and activities.So the Exlite Book Store is not just a place selling books, but a leisurely world for the philobiblic people.Exlite is an excellent knowledge brand to the Chinese.Exlite Book Store on the East Minsheng Road has clean glass windows which makes the space more commodious. Such design interacts the readers and passerbys and add much more fun into reading.
  IKEA IKEA is a Sweden furniture mall.Until the winter of 2004,IKEA owns 202 malls in 32 countries all over the world.Most of them are located in the Europe.Other are in the US,Canada,Asia and Australia.The published amount of IKEA brochure is nearly 100 million each year and 12000 produces are introduced in the brochure.So it is said the IKEA brochure may be spreaded most widely except the Bible.
  Sincere Department Store Because the consumer market and source of information in HongKong is much advanced than those in Taiwan, there are many famous brands at that time.Sincere is invested by businessman from HongKong. So it is positioned as a department selling the top grade product which targets the noble mature ladies,especially the successful people in the top of pyramid.
  Zhongxing Department Store Zhongxing Department Store is always leading the fashion and keeping a unique style different from others.It is the first department store that performs the fashion show each season and settles its leading role.From 1985 Zhongxing Department Store followed the spirit "Exquisite Life Culture" and connected the commodity to exquisite Life.It shaped the example of high quality consumption culture.
  Taipei Travel
Provides the information of Taipei City\Carnival\Festival and Celebration Events\Accommodation Guide\Subway nearby sightseeing introductions.
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