Strolling under the tree shade of Renai Road

The Hope City Fushing Hotel is located on the crossroad of Renai Rd. and Fuxing S.Rd.It is 3 minutes walk distance to Pacific SoGo Store and MRT Muzha Line Da-an Station.So the traffic is quite convenient.

Walking under the tree shade can release from tense life pace and experienc the freedom away from the crowds.Every room of the hotel has a large bathroom and they differ from each other. Some is supersonic massage bathtub.Some are sauna.Some are shower facilities.This can relax your mind and body when you enjoy the bath.

Noble Room
  Classical Japanese styel make the guests feel like being in the Kyoto.The room is equipped with air-condition,advanced fire protection system,smoke protection cover, bed control panel,personal bath facility,independent oven,large massage bathtub,satellitic color TV,IDD,refrigeratory,ice cask,hot water pot,hair drier,CATV.
Noble Massage Bathtub Room
  Large double massage bathtub in the room will realease the tiredness and stress.You will find the shining Taipei 101 Mall by opening the window.Much more happibess will be added to the couple under the beautiful night piece.
Exquisite Room
  The European style decoration brews and pervades exalted atmosphere which can only feel at the Palace in the Europe.The guests will feel like being treated as kings and nobles.The room is equipped with air-condition,advanced fire protection system,smoke protection cover, bed control panel,satellitic color TV,IDD,refrigeratory,ice cask,hot water pot,hair drier,CATV.
Luxury Room
  Peaceful luxury room has fine wood desk which is the best choise for business guests.The room is equipped with air-condition,advanced fire protection system,smoke protection cover, bed control panel,satellitic color TV,IDD,free internet access,refrigeratory,ice cask,hot water pot,hair drier,CATV.
Luxury Massage Bathtub Room
  Simple and bright luxury massage bathroom represents the French style.French windows in the bathroom are just like the free and easy French people.
Hotel Lobby: on the first floor,provides accommodation,reservation,tour and business information,package tour,car rent service,airport transfer.
Meeting Room:on the first floor,a 15 people meeting room.
Business Center: on the first floor,24 hours free internet access.
Restaurant and Cafe: on the first floor,provides eastern and western buffet breakfast and 24 hours free coffee and hot tea for our guests.
Room facility: IDD, free table-water,coffee,tea,VCD for personal use,sauna,broad band internet,several channel programs.
Indoor Park Place:the entrance is located at the gate of the hotel and some staff can help the guests to park their cars.
  Subway: Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
  BUS:204 / 212 / 232 / 262 / 299 / 41 / 521 / 605 / 667 / 74 / 903 / 910 /
  Pacific SOGO Department Store Pacific SoGo Department Store attaches importance to the manner of staff,institutional rules ,the set and maintenance of the facility.The commodities are diversed.It is the kindest and most considerate department store in the east district.
  Breeze Center Breeze Center is located in the center of Taipei.It is combined with shopping,leisure,catering and entertainment.Among the other tower buildings,the American leisure style appearance looks quite particular.Like a oasis in the desert,it is a natural sign of Taipei which meets the desire of people for sunlights and green.It is aslo the first shopping center developed as metropolis type in Taipei.
  Elite Book Store Elite Book Store is established on the March 12th 1989 with the spirit of humanity,art,originality and life.Besides the service and quality,collection books of all fields in Chinese and foreign language,the store in different district serves different kinds of readers and organizes diversified exhibitions and activities.So the Elite Book Store is not just a place selling books, but a leisure world for the bibliophilistic people.It is an excellent knowledge brand to the Chinese.The Exlite Book Store on the Minsheng East Road has clean glass windows which makes the space more commodious. Such design interacts the readers and passersby and add much more fun into reading.
  Tap Water Museum The establishment of the Tap Water Museum renewed the glory of the old museum.It has already been 92 years.The process of getting to know the watern source of Taipei is an uncommon journey.
  Da-an Forest Park Da an Forest Park is in the Da an District,the downtown of Taipei.The total area is 293293 metre square.In 1985, by the efforts of different fields, the park accelerated to develop and open again on March 29 1994.The equipments in the park are quite new and self-contained.Walking in the park,you will see the flourished shrub and arbor,bright and dazzle flowers.
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